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Technology is fantastic

I love technology! As someone who has Stargardt Disease and suffers from sight loss, technology really helps make daily life easier. When I was in high school, I had to use specially ordered large print books, but now with digital texts and audiobooks, this is not always necessary. When travelling, I use mobile apps to help find out train platforms or departure gates. Mobile devices also make meeting friends so much easier. While technology as a whole is great, not all are created equal.

Some devices and applications are fantastic, others not so much. For example, Apple’s iPhone has a whole host of accessibility features, which make using the device easy, like large text. On the other hand, my previous phone was a nightmare to use as a visually impaired person, the text was tiny! In an effort to help others, I’ll write reviews on products, software and applications.

Future reviews will be posted within the Review category.

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