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Stargardt’s Life Is live

I was diagnosed with Stargardt’s Disease many years ago. It was a shock and at the time, difficult to fully grasp how Stargardt’s would affect every aspect of daily life. Since then, I have been living with impaired vision, attempting to live life to the full. There are good days, and bad, but what I have learnt is that it’s still possible to have a relatively normal life. That’s the reason for creating Stargardt’s Life, I wanted to share my experiences and help other people with the condition achieve their potential.

Living with sight loss is hard, even the simplest of tasks like hailing a bus or reading a book can be problematic but there are ways to cope. I treat these daily challenges as problems that need solving, I find alternative ways of doing things or use technology to help; I have studied at university, worked, and travelled extensively, all of which have needed some creative thinking to succeed. For example, my iPhone with its in-built magnifier makes reading signs and labels easier, which helped me travel to far off lands by myself.

What to expect from Stargardt’s Life

This website will be a work in progress. I initially plan to share experiences and life hacks that I use to make living with sight loss that little bit easier. I’ll link to useful resources from governments and non-government organisations. I’m a fan of technology and would like to review software, hardware, and mobile applications that could be of use to the visually impaired. It would be great to connect with others, benefitting from our collective experiences.

That’s it for now. Check back soon. I’ll be busy working on new content for the site.

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